Summer trends: Chunky heels and chokers



Hello peeps!

All these months later, in the middle of my wedding prep hustle, I finally found some time to post something new! Yes, you read that right: I’m engaged and soon to be married! 🙂

I can’t wait to share something more about my wedding (especially all the fashion details), but before that I MUST to share some summer outfits with you!

So here it is, a small and quick blogpost that combines two summer trends that I didn’t use to like, but I’ve grown to like more: chunky heels and chokers.

I’m into that whole idea that shoes should be either sky high or flat. Being a stiletto fan, I never thought I’d grow to like the chunky heel trend, but I have to admit that my feet are thanking me for this different style choice, and they look very nice, too! So it’s a win win, especially for those lovely summer outings, where you want to look fancy AND be comfortable at the same time.

The other trend I had left behind in my teens is the choker trend. The one I’m wearing in the pictures is by Zara and is a nice black suede choker, which I prefer from the lacy or too elaborate chokers. I believe, the simple black ones look a tiny bit more sophisticated and elegant.

I’m really curious to know your experience with these trends. Do let me know in the comments below, if you have tried them or if you would like to try these trends!

Till next time (I promise, it won’t take months this time :D)




6 thoughts on “Summer trends: Chunky heels and chokers

  1. EmilyAnn Frances says:

    You will be a beautiful bride! I look forward to all the details of your forthcoming wedding. When you get a chance, tell us about your rings. Congratulations and best wishes to you borht.

  2. shemeetsmakeup says:

    this choker is so lovely! i haven’t gotten into the trend, yet — i’m so late to the party! — but i think my first pick will be a simple black choker like this one. it looks fab on you!

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