Winter Chic: Why coats should be your best friends


Coat // Cappotto : Zara

Turtleneck Crop Top // Maglietta a lupetto crop: Vintage

High-waisted navy trousers // Pantaloni navy a vita alta: Vintage

Shoes // Scarpe: Zara


Hi everyone!

It’s been over a week since my last post. The weather just doesn’t seem to cooperate lately, but today I was finally able to shoot a new lookbook.

Today’s outfit is designed around one main winter staple piece: The mighty Coat!

I love oversized coats because they can elevate any look, especially during winter when it seems to be so hard to create a glam look that could also be comfortable and cozy.

In this outfit the two Zara pieces (the long coat and the khaki heels) are taking an otherwise simple look to a completely different “glamorous” level and I’m LOVING it!

The top was found in a vintage shop and I decided to pair it with a navy pair of trousers that matches the long coat, creating a monochromatic effect.

The aim was to keep the spotlight on these beautiful khaki heels from Zara, which were a bargain by the way!

For any winter look it is fundamental to give a lot of thought to the kind of coat you’re going to wear, since it is the first thing anyone would notice. This is why styling a look during winter can be slightly monotonous, but if you happen to have some fun coats in the closet it is good to alternate them. I would love to say that I own a lot of colorful coats but that would be a lie. I’m still too scared to experiment with bright colors, but I will have to step out of my comfort zone someday or the other, so stay tuned, you might see me wearing a bright yellow coat soon LOL!

Do you also find it difficult (or scary) to purchase a bright coat or is it just me?

Do leave a comment below and let me know! I’d love to know I’m not the only one and I’d love to know how to start getting into the “bright coats” gang!

Hope you liked the look! Have a great weekend!


Samar ❤


Ciao a tutti!

finalmente dopo più di una settimana ho avuto tempo di postare un nuovo look, la pioggia ci ha dato tregua!

L’outfit di oggi ha come protagonista uno degli elementi fondamentali del guardaroba invernale: il cappotto!

Ho sempre amato i cappotti lunghi perchè riescono a donare un tocco elegante ad un look casual.

In quest’outfit ho voluto mettere in primo piano il cappotto navy di Zara e i bellissimi sandali (sempre di Zara).

Ho deciso di abbinare il top a dolce vita con un pantalone a vita alta navy perchè richiamasse il colore del cappotto, in modo da creare un effetto monocromatico. Così mi è stato possibile scegliere i sandali khaki che aggiungano quella nota di colore mancante all’intero outfit.

Il cappotto rappresenta veramente un’indumento fondamentale durante la stagione invernale, perché in fondo è la prima cosa che si nota di un outfit e molto spesso capita di creare un look molto elegante che passa inosservato a causa della scelta del cappotto o giacca da abbinare. Proprio per questo motivo è fondamentale fare molta attenzione al tipo di cappotto che usiamo con i nostri look, inoltre l’ideale sarebbe avere delle alternative da poter indossare in occasioni diverse, così da non cadere nella monotonia.

Spero vi abbia fatto piacere leggere il post. Vi auguro un buon fine settimana!

Alla prossima!

Samar ❤



20 thoughts on “Winter Chic: Why coats should be your best friends

    1. TheDesiChic says:

      I do have some pretty dramatic scarfs actually, but I probably wouldn’t pair any scarf with this coat in particular because it has a quite heavy fur collar so I’m afraid it might look too overdone. What do you think?

  1. EmilyAnn Frances says:

    P.S. I had a medium color purple swing coat that lasted for 5 years. The color was rich because the fabric was 100% wool. I think fiber content affects how the color looks. So yes, I’m ok with a brightly colored coat but not in the pastel range. Too babyish for me.

    1. TheDesiChic says:

      Haha I would also love to try purchasing a white coat, that is probably the only non-dark color I would choose, but you’re right: keeping it white is probably not a very easy task

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