DIY Distressed Jeans – step by step guide

DIY 8 _Fotor_CollageHi my lovelies!
I’m back with my first DIY post: make your own distressed jeans!
It is a technique I’ve already used on a couple of old jeans and I thought to share with you the whole procedure, especially now that we’ve accepted that the distressed jeans trend is not going anywhere and it is still as hot as it was in 2015.

So here it goes!


You’ll need a pair of OLD JEANS you either don’t like anymore or because they remind you of your ex (time to cut them, girl!), SCISSORS and TWEEZERS.




Start with cutting the bottom (the hem) to get a distressed effect (as shown in step 3)




Once you’ve cut the bottom, you can grab your tweezers and start picking out some strands (you don’t need to be too precise, the best distressed look is when the strands are randomly taken out)




I prefer placing the cuts right on the knees (but you can choose any part you like). So, carefully decide where you’re going to cut the jeans, pick out the middle of the section and then go ahead and start by making a small cut until you reach the length you want. NOTE: Please make sure you’re not cutting the back of the leg, while making the cuts!



This step is very important, especially if you’re looking to get those loose strands in the cut. Once you’ve made the first cut, make a parallel cut (make sure you’re NOT making an oval or round cut! The two lines DON’T have to touch)


DIY 10


Get your tweezers and start taking out all the denim strands (blue ones) so you’ll have only the white strands that usually tend to break, creating that typical distressed look.

Repeat the same procedure on the other leg and voilà! 

Here is the final look:

DIY 11DIY 12

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and hopefully it will help you getting the distressed jeans effect without spending too much on a new pair of jeans! (they can be really expensive sometimes!)

Let me know if you like these type of step by step DIY guides (because I’ll soon be posting many of these 😉 ) and comment below if you have additional tips or corrections you’d like to make to this guide!

Thank you!

Signing off.

Samar ❤


26 thoughts on “DIY Distressed Jeans – step by step guide

  1. EmilyAnn Frances says:

    Bon Giorno, Samar. I’d like to add something I read about but haven’t tried. I’ve read that you can also use sandpaper to wear out the fabric and get it to look very faded in some spots. A combination of sanding and cutting might yield another type of distressed look.

    1. TheDesiChic says:

      Thanks a lot for your suggestion! I’ve actually tried it before on another pair of denim and as you said it gives that faded look. I actually forgot to mention that in the post, so thanks again for the comment 😊

    1. TheDesiChic says:

      Haha Thanks a lot for liking the post! I hope it turns out to be helpful to give a new touch to your old jeans 😊 and I’m definitely going to check out your DIY post as well!

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